Saturday, February 27, 2010

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New from TAXT! David Brazil's SPY WEDNESDAY

David Brazil's SPY WEDNESDAY

New from TAXT: Michael Nicoloff's "Punkses" (after KETJAK)

Also beautifully new from TAXT!
Michael Nicoloff's audio piece "PUNKSES" (After Ketjak)

TAXT chapbooks are produced at home in Oakland, on an irregular but consistent basis & will continue to appear thus until I get tired of folding pages. This editor's role is to provide a physical space in which writers & artists may do whatever work they choose: the site is always 24pgs, in the 5.5 x 8.5 framework. This publisher's desire is to work with each artist to produce a simple, beautiful book that makes its consideration as both object and container. TAXT chapbooks are ALWAYS FREE. Keep yours or pass it on. Share the wealth; there will never be more than 100 copies of each book. Sorry.

CHAPBOOKS SOON OR SOMETIME SOON FORTHCOMING from many more of our brilliant poets, writers, &  artists. Please check back often. And even more often.

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Forthcoming nearly immediately: "Punkses" from Michael Nicoloff. Egregiously overdue: John Sakkis. And we've made promises to each other so let's see how we do in 2010: Geneva Chao, Alli Warren, Del Ray Cross,  Jerrold Shiroma

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